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    August 31, 2018

    If you spend much time around the capitol you will have likely seen displayed some of the sketches and blueprints Cass Gilbert developed when he designed our wonderful statehouse. Simply viewing these drawings gave an inkling of how grand the actual building was to be. We might have been impressed with the drawings, but we are truly in awe when we view the “real thing” as we pass by the capitol or walk along its beautiful halls.

    This gives us a hint of what it means when we see Christ in the Psalms and throughout the rest of the Old Testament. What we see of Christ in the Old Testament – the Tabernacle; the sacrificial system; the priesthood; are all just sketches or pictures that point us to the real thing – Jesus Christ. Those things merely gave us an inkling of the glorious reality of who Christ was to be and what He was to do for us. Some of the clearest and most vivid sketches we have of our coming Savior are found in Psalm 22-24, - “The Shepherd Psalms”.

    In Psalm 22 we see the cross as it describes how the Good Shepherd gave His life for His sheep. In Psalm 23 we see the (shepherd's) crook as we learn how the Great Shepherd leads and guides His sheep. And in Psalm 24 we read of the crown and how the Chief Shepherd will return for His sheep and to rule and reign over all things.

    The is what considered in this week's Bible study at the West Virginia state capitol as we are wrapping up our series on Seeing Christ in the Psalms.

    There are still many challenges and changes going on at the capitol. Please continue to pray for our state leaders and for our ministry as we seek to serve them both at the statehouse and throughout the state.

    Tim Pauley

    Capitol Commission West Virginia