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    September 7, 2018

    There can be a lot of anxiety around the capitol. Will I win my next election? Will my party stay in power? Will the people I support get the position of leadership? How is the state budget doing? Are my PEIA costs going to increase? These may be relatively small anxieties compared to what we face in life. Illnesses. Family struggles. Financial troubles. Temptation, sin, and failure. All these bring about great anxiety and worry.

    There is no passage in the Bible that helps us with our worries and anxieties than Psalm 23. It is likely the most familiar chapter in the Bible, often read at some of the most challenging times in life. In it we have the “sheep’s eye view” of the Shepherd and in its truths, we can find comfort, peace, and contentment even in the middle of the greatest of trials and the darkest of valleys.

    This was the topic of this week's Bible study in the West Virginia capitol as we finished up our series on Seeing Christ in the Psalms.

    Please pray that God would work in the hearts of legislators, elected officials, lobbyists, and staff that they might trust and follow Christ so that they can indeed say, "The Lord is MY shepherd".

    Pray that God's word will continue to be a comfort and encouragement to believers who are serving in such challenging times.

    We are truly amazed and thankful that God has given us at least a small part in leading and feeding His sheep who serve at the statehouse.

    Tim Pauley

    Capitol Commission West Virginia