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    September 27, 2018

    "Elementary, My Dear Christian"

    One of the best-known fictional characters of all time is Sherlock Holmes. The detective in 1890’s London solved difficult cases through his intelligence and powers of observation. His most famous line – “Elementary my dear Watson” – was uttered to his associate as Holmes would make an observation or conclusion that was important to their case. (Though this line was never actually spoken in the Arthur Conan Doyle stories).

    There is a real-life Watson from history who was a wonderful pastor and pointed believers to what was “elementary” – to what was truly important and foundational to the Christian life. His name was Thomas Watson. As he taught about what it means to genuinely love God, we can almost hear him say that a believer’s love for God is “Elementary, my dear Christian”.

    This is the topic of the Bible study we had the privilege to share at the West Virginia statehouse this week. We are once again thankful for the opportunities and open doors God has given us to minister to leaders and share the Word of God in the capitol and around the state.

    Annual Gathering

    Next week we will be blessed to meet together with all our ministry leaders from around the country and home office staff in Traverse City, Michigan. This is always a wonderful time of fellowship, training, encouragement, and renewal of our commitment to reaching leaders.

    Please pray for us and our activities next week:

    Pray for safety in our travels

    Pray for a great time of encouragement and renewal.

    Pray for potential new ministry leaders who are considering joining us in our ministry to leaders around the country.

    Tim Pauley

    Ministry Leader

    Capitol Commission West Virginia