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    January 11, 2019

    The Real Battle in the Capitol

    Life and work in capitol are often described as a battle field. You have the adversarial relationship between the two parties. There are intense elections. You see maneuvering for leadership positions. There are many heated debates and votes on many different issues during the legislative session. Competing lobbying and interest groups hold rallies and pour into legislator’s offices promoting their cause and maligning their opponent’s.

    We will see all this and more as we enter the 60-day regular session which began this week. During this session we want to challenge and encourage the legislators, elected officials, lobbyists, and staff that their real battle in the capitol is not political – it is a spiritual battle!

    This session our Bible studies will be on Ephesians 6:10-20: The Christian’s Warfare.

    In these studies, we want to continue to share the gospel, challenging those who do not know Christ to put their faith in Him and become part of His kingdom.

    We want to encourage believers to make sure they are fighting the right battle, with the right enemy, using the right weapons.

    And as this passage closes with the importance of prayer to this Christian conflict (vs. 18-20), we want to inspire believers in the capitol to pray for and with each other in this conflict. We also want to remind churches and individual believers to pray faithfully for their leaders.

    We will be holding two Bible studies on Thursdays each week during the session. Our first study, “Fighting the Right Battle” is posted here.

    • Please pray for those who do not know Christ who might be “rescued from the domain of darkness, and transferred to the Kingdom of His beloved Son” (Col. 1:13)
    • Pray for believers who, during all the political battles are ultimately fighting a great spiritual battle.
    • Pray for us that, as Paul closes this great passage, “We might make known the mystery of the gospel…and speak boldly as we ought to speak”.

    Tim Pauley

    Ministry Leader

    Capitol Commission West Virginia