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    March 1, 2019

    "...Take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God."

    It is almost overwhelming to consider the wide range of topics and issues dealt with during the regular session by the leaders, legislators, lobbyists, and staff who work in the capitol. They face all the same personal, family, and work challenges as each of us along with the financial, government, legal, and the wide range of social and moral issues dealt with by those who serve in government.

    One of the most important skills for every follower of Christ, perhaps especially for those serving in government, to possess is the ability to apply the truth of Word of God to the various issues they face. This is what Paul is talking about as he exhorts us to “take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God”.

    In our study of the Christian's warfare, we come to the last two pieces of armor described by Paul. God has given us the “Helmet of Salvation” to protect the mind and thoughts and the “Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God" to arm Christian leaders to deal with the various issues, struggles, and challenges in life and in the statehouse.

    This was the topic of this week's Bible study in the West Virginia state capitol - "Put on Your Helmet and Take Up Your Sword".

    As we are near the end of the regular session, this was probably the most hectic week. Wednesday was "crossover day" as all bills to be considered had to be passed out of their chamber of origin. As a result this was an extremely busy week with marathon sessions in both the Senate and the House on Wednesday. As the schedule and pace gets busier near the end of session, it becomes more difficult for leaders, lobbyists, and staff to take part in our meetings. It is still our hope that our study notes, visits, and prayers will be an encouragement during such a hectic time.

    Please pray that the Word of God will pierce the consciences, revealing the thoughts and intentions of the hearts of those who do not know Christ so that they might turn to Him for salvation.

    Pray that believers in the statehouse will grow in their commitment to the Word of God and in their skill in applying it to the wide array of issues and challenges they face.

    Thank you for your prayer and support for our ministry to West Virginia's leaders.

    Tim Pauley

    Capitol Commission West Virginia