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    December 6, 2019


    Montani Semper Libra

    “Mountaineers are Always Free”. This is the official motto of the great state of West Virginia, officially adopted in our state constitution in 1872. It reflects both the founding of our state and the character of her citizens.

    Sola Deo Gloria

    “Glory to God Alone” – is the motto of all those who seek to follow Jesus Christ. It reflects the very reason God brings sinful people into a right relationship with Him and the very purpose in life of those who trust in Him. As we consider great words of our faith, we should contemplate what it means for us to live and strive to bring glory to God alone.

    This is the subject of this week's Bible study at the West Virginia state capitol. You can read or download a copy of our study here.

    Recent there seems to always be a great deal of controversy and animosity taking place in our statehouse. Please pray for God to be at work changing hearts of the legislators, leaders, lobbyists, and staff who serve in our state government.

    Pray for those who do not know Christ that they would come to follow Him.

    Pray for those who do follow Christ and seek to glorify Him in the challenging atmosphere and circumstance of government and politics.

    Pray for our ministry as we seek to share the gospel and encourage believers.

    Ministry Leader

    Capitol Commission West Virginia