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    January 10, 2020

    There have been many memorable and impactful speeches given throughout our nation’s history. Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. King’s “I have a dream” speech. Kennedy’s challenge to reach the moon by the end of the decade. Beginning with this week’s State of the State Address we will hear many speeches in the capitol in the coming weeks. It is unlikely any will rise to the level  of those great speeches.

    During this legislative session we will begin studying "The Greatest Speech Ever Given" – Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. A sermon is simply a speech – a verbal proclamation and explanation of God’s Word calling for a response. The Sermon on the Mount is certainly the greatest sermon ever preached, because of its preacher and its content. As we hear countless speeches and presentations during this regular session, it will do us well to study this greatest speech of all as Jesus Himself proclaims what it means to follow Him.

    The 2020 regular legislative session gaveled in on Wednesday and will run through March 8. Our weekly Bible studies began as well. We will be meeting twice each Thursday at 8:00 AM and 12:00 noon in order to allow the greatest number to attend. The notes for our Bible studies will be distributed throughout the capitol each week both by email and in person.

    Please pray for us as we seek to impact and minister to the legislators, leaders, lobbyists, and staff who serve at the capitol during the hectic days of the session.

    Tim Pauley

    Capitol Commission West Virginia