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    December 9, 2021

    When you visit the capitol you quickly realize that access is limited to many of the people in the statehouse.  As you enter the building and seek to visit various offices, you notice that the security increases and access is more limited based on the higher positions of the leaders. Doors are open and you can walk right into most House of Delegates’ offices. Visiting a senator is a bit more difficult as you must go through their staff. Security is a considerably tighter at the Supreme Court. And you cannot just drop in to visit Governor Justice. When he is in his office, there is a state trooper or capitol police officer stationed at the door. Access is limited based on the rank of the official’s office. You must have an appointment to enter their presence. This may help us understand the most important of questions, how do we as sinful people, enter the presence of our holy, righteous God? Jesus gives us the answer to this question when He says, “I am the door”. Jesus goes on to teach us that after we enter God’s presence through Him, we then find the comforting truth that He is our good shepherd. In these wonderful pictures we learn how we can have life and have it abundantly! 

    This is the subject of this week's Bible study from John 10 at the West Virginia capitol. You can find a copy of this week's lesson HERE. We are excited and thankful to be once again meeting in person as we seek to minister to and serve those serving in our state government.

    We are continuing to plan for our ministry during the 2022 regular legislative session which begins on January 12.

    • Pray for our arrangement of conference rooms for our multiple Bible studies each week. There is some major construction taking place which will keep us from using some of our usual locations.
    • Pray for our opportunities to reach out to several of our newer legislators. Due to the Covid restrictions during the last session we were not able to meet many of our new leaders.
    • Even now pray for our leaders who are preparing for this upcoming challenging and busy time. Pray that we might serve them well during the 60 day regular session.

    Thank you once again for your interest, support, and prayer for our ministry.

    Tim Pauley

    Ministry Leader

    Capitol Commission West Virginia