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    August 30, 2017

    Greetings faithful partners! Now that summer is on the way out and fall is fast approaching, I am writing to give you a quick update.



    I am sure you did not miss the colorful, splashy Newsletter (thanks to Jenny Blankenship, our Exec. Secretary) that we sent out last month from our entire ministry team. We plan to send out such a newsletter quarterly. You will get a much broader perspective on the whole ministry at the Indiana Statehouse as you read an article from each member of our team.


    Summer at the Statehouse

    Things have flowed at a much more reasonable pace through the summer months at the Statehouse, and yet for the legislators it has been the busy season of what one senator calls “parades”. They are in their districts busy serving their constituents, but it’s the time of county fairs when people celebrate all the products, produce, and people of the county. The legislators take the opportunity to be an encouraging presence with the people whom they serve.

    For me, ministry has continued through the summer months with those that work year round, full time at the Statehouse, and that includes staff, and your statewide elected leaders. This has been a very fruitful time building into relationships through Bible studies, prayer, and times of fellowship.



    Now comes the season of “Summer Studies”. Many legislators are back at the Statehouse serving on committees looking at bills that did not pass during session, but were thought worthy of further consideration. It’s a joy to spend time catching up with them.



    We as a team are very excited because today we leave for Jerusalem! We are attending a conference there with a ministry that we have partnered with before, Parlamento E Fe. Their vision for ministry in the political arena is global. We trust we will make connections with like-minded people from Europe, the Middle East, and I hope, the UK!



    So this is a call for prayer.

    Even as we thank you and encourage you to continue to pray for your elected leaders here in Indiana and the US, we ask that you pray for us on this trip, and that God will “enlarge our tents” in the international arena (1 Timothy 2:1-5).

    Praise God with our family: Quinn had successful transplant surgery eight weeks ago, and now has a new heart and two new kidneys! She is due to go home any day. The Lord has indeed done “exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think”!


    How I thank God for your prayer and financial support, and your love and prayers for your legislators. They tell us often how much they appreciate that people pray for them.


    Your servant in the political arena,




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